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Wanchai, Hong Kong

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109, Lockhart Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel (852)2861-3336

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HK Magazine, No.642, Friday, September 1, 2006

BC Magazine, September 1st, 2006

BC Magazine, September 1st, 2006 (sponsored by Carlsberg)

(...)So we went around the corner to Bar 109, our first time to go in there. We noted that their drinks list included mojitos and caipiranhas, and went for one of each. I knew that T, being Thai, would go for the concept of an alcoholic drink that had actual mint leaves in the glass and sure enough, she was joking that she wanted a spoon to slurp them out. As the place filled up and as DJ Tiny Todd was spinning a great set, I was thinking that Wanchai needs a lot more places like this - a place where, if nothing else, the police would not be coming in to check everyone's IDs. We sat there enjoying the hell out of our mojitos and the music, talking nonstop and when we paused for breath saw that two hours had passed in a flash. Buzzed but not smashed, happy and sleepy, we made our way home. (...)

(...)Following that, over to Bar 109, which was having a 2-for-1 special on mojitos. DJ Tiny Todd remembered last week, when he was playing "Across 110th Street," I'd told him how the song put me in the mood for some Norman Whitfield, and tonight he brought out an extended remix he'd done on "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," followed by some Isaac Hayes and Barry White, then a whole lotta Motown before segueing into some late 70s funk.
Our group had thinned out and some were in the mood for something less laid back. I walked them over to Joe Bananas, stood inside looking around for 5 or 10 minutes, realized I had no reason to be there, said good night to all and made my way home.(...)

(...)Later, at Bar 109, a clique of Cleopatras came strolling by:

Ray, the manager, told me that if I could get them into the bar, they could drink for free. But two girls didn't believe it, one girl kept asking if it was free drinks for each of them or just one free drink, and the other two kept staring at my friend S, a guy who was wearing a dress. They did not join in. As the night wound down, a mango marguerita, a lychee martini, a pack o' smokes, getting mellow before heading home (...).

Quotes from nwoT eikgnoH Hongkie Town (Spike) in his daily blog


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