109 Lockhart Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong

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109, Lockhart Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel (852)2861-3336

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Sports & Events

Please find below the sport events shown on our large screen or one of the LCD-TVs. If there is a game you would like to see that is not listed, please contact us by e-mail subscription@bar109.com or call (852)2861-3336. Maximum of 3 games simultaneously. Please make a reservation for a specific game. First come, first served.
  • Sunday Afternoons - If you still have energy after a long Saturday night or need to recharge for the week to come, then join the party at noon time on Sundays. Packed!
  • Open Mic comedy nights. Join us for a good laugh. It is Open Mic, you are very welcome to tell your story. Every Monday night in English, every 1st and 3rd Tuesday in Cantonese. Shows start at 8:30pm.
  • Book your private party at BAR109! Enquiries welcome. Small party, big events, graduation party, birthday party, etc. we have all it takes to make your event a memorable one. Private lounge available! Check details, call BAR109 or come in person to draft your event and we will make it happen!
  • Crazy Hour runs from 3pm till 6pm, excluding Sundays. Happy Hour 6pm till 9pm, excluding Sundays.
Your day off

Sunday - June 21, 2020
Fathers Day

Thursday - June 25, 2020
Dragon Boat Festival

Wednesday - July 1, 2020
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

Wednesday - September 2, 2020
Hungry Ghost Festival

Thursday - October 1, 2020
Mid-Autumn Festival
National Day of the Peoples Republic of China

Friday - October 2, 2020
Day after Mid-Autumn Festival

Sunday - October 25, 2020
Chung Yeung Festival

Monday - October 26, 2020
Day off for Chung Yeung Festival

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